Behavioral services for children and adults

We work with families to obtain the best clinical outcomes

Excellent therapy services

Individualized Behavioral Support

Skills Assessments

Every child we assess is unique and has varying skills. The first step in developing a program that concentrates on the specific needs of the child is assessing their current abilities and deficiencies.


Home Based Therapy

Once the initial assessment is complete and in-home services approved, a therapist is assigned to the child. In-home One on One therapy allows the child to receive the full attention of the therapist,


Parent Training & Support

IABAS for Families believes that parental and caregiver involvement is key in the child’s progression. We offer dedicated parental support that includes in session training, parent training with and without child



Our Mission

Our mission is to teach each client we serve, socially significant behaviors and produce meaningful change in their life through therapy based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

IABAS for Families (Individualized ABA Services for Families), established May 2019, provides ABA (applied behavior analysis) services to families. The goal of IABAS for Families is to work with families on creating individualized plans for each client, considering the resources available to the family, including the time that the family can spend on treatment, and addressing other factors such as language requirements and cultural considerations. IABAS for Families ensures that families can have translators available promptly and as needed.

The goal of IABAS for Families is to support clients in their homes with one-to-one ABA services, taking into consideration social significant goals/ barriers, and tailoring programs that do not just work for the treatment team to implement but for the family to implement outside of ABA sessions.