Meet Our Team: Administrative

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Jyotishna Singh

Jyotishna Singh is the Chief Operating Officer at IABAS For Families. She joined the company in December 2021 and is responsible for managing the daily operations of the company as well as working closely with the CEO on all matters related to the business. She oversees and manages business projects to support systems efficiency and the growth of departments. In addition, Jyotishna has introduced operational excellence by developing and implementing business process maps for each protocol to assist in continuous process improvements. Jyotishna, born and raised in Fiji, graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Information Systems. She began her career in 1999 and has worked for major Financial Institutes such as Colonial National Bank, Quest Fiji Limited, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, and Home Finance Company in Fiji before moving to the United States of America. Her previous roles have included Systems Data Controller, Electronic Banking Officer, Business Process Analyst, Operational Excellence Officer, and Project Business Analyst. Her areas of expertise are systems management, project management, and process re-engineering. In 2017, Jyotishna took the offer to join a Boutique Store in Fiji as a Senior Sales Executive for a year. Inspired by her passion for cooking and entertaining, she later established her own catering business in 2018 before returning to the US at the end of 2019. Jyotishna enjoys traveling, listening to music, socializing, and dancing. She values honesty, integrity, and respect and adores her family and friends.

Director of Operations

Miranda Alexander

Miranda Alexander is the Director of Operations and Human Resources for IABAS for Families. She is responsible for leading the Human Resource team, establishing, communicating, and implementing admin and clinical operational-related policies, practices, standards, and security measures. Five years ago, the ABA field inspired her to change her career path and embark on this wonderful journey. During her time with IABAS For Families, she has been able to help onboard the first behavior technicians, program supervisors, and BCBA’s to scale the company’s staff to over 100 employees. Miranda is passionate about fitness, outdoor activities, and her beautiful seven year old daughter. She values family, hard work, and education.

Director for Scheduling and Recruiting

Lisa Bowman

Lisa Bowman is the Director for Scheduling and Recruiting at IABAS For Families. She is responsible for overseeing scheduling, cancellation, and recruiting team duties. In addition, she leads the Interview Committee and ensures all tasks related to the pre-onboarding process have been correctly and accurately executed. Lisa is very passionate about helping make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. As a nanny in college, she worked with a family whose son had cystic fibrosis and was diagnosed with Autism. That little boy changed Lisa’s life and career path. She changed her career from holding a business degree to becoming a behavior therapist for an Applied Behavior Analysis company. In 2013, she received a Master of Arts in Teaching, specializing in Autism. For over ten years, she has been in Applied Behavior Analysis as a Behavior Therapist, School Aide, Program Supervisor, Trainer, and Assistant Director. Lisa joined IABAS For Families a year ago and enjoys being a part of the management team to help the company grow. In addition, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and traveling with her family in her spare time.


Executive Administrative Director

Stephanie Baigorria

As Director of Authorizations at IABAS for Families, Stephanie leads her team closely while working with payor relationships such as insurance companies and other funding sources to enable children with in-home ABA services. In addition, she is responsible for family contract compliance while developing and overseeing growth within our expanding regions. Stephanie pursued her education in Business Management and Early childhood education and has worked with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. She brings over a decade of experience in leadership and strong management with diverse business backgrounds while managing and mentoring individuals to build a successful team. As a dedicated leader in making a difference, Stephanie is passionate about bringing growth to the company and actively pursuing to bring more autism advocacy in our communities. Stephanie is a proud mother of four. She loves to spend her free time traveling, visiting with family and writing.