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IABAS Services

support clients in their homes with one-to-one ABA services

IABAS Services

IABAS for Families provides ABA (applied behavior analysis) services to families.

Skills Assessments

Every child we assess is unique and has varying skills. The first step in developing a program that concentrates on the specific needs of the child is assessing their current abilities and deficiencies. The assessment involves a combination of direct observation of the child, interviewing parents, teachers, and standardized measurements.

A report is written based on the results of the assessment in order to identify the child’s current skill level, behavior excesses and deficits. The report also includes individualized program recommendations and goals. Once the report is reviewed with the family and/or client, services can begin.

Home Based Therapy

Once the initial assessment is complete and in-home services approved, a therapist is assigned to the child. In-home One on One therapy allows the child to receive the full attention of the therapist

Parent Training & Support

IABAS for Families believes that parental and caregiver involvement is key in the child’s progression. We offer dedicated parental support that includes in session training, parent training with and without child.

anticipated Outcomes

The anticipated outcome for IABAS for Families for providing in-home services is to address socially significant behaviors for the client and work towards independence in their immediate environment while reducing challenging behaviors. These skills are then generalized across people and different environments while reducing and replacing any challenging behaviors.